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Drive Strategy
Gain Influence
Deliver Innovation

June 5 – 9, 2023
Intensive led by
Jared Spool.

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Executives must make critical business decisions with UX research, not by guessing.

Your organization must become the world’s foremost experts on your users and customers.

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UX research can no longer be treated as a luxury. It’s essential to your organization’s success.

When you underinvest in UX research, you make your entire design process much harder.

Guide your organization to make intelligent choices.

UX leaders often talk about the importance of “having a seat at the table.” However, what’s critical is what we bring to the table.

Right now, your organization faces vital decisions. Decisions that will determine whether the future results in delivering great products or mediocre ones. Decisions that will determine the best way to focus limited resources. If made right, the choices will delight customers and, if made wrong, they will cost the organization money and reputation.

When high-level decision-makers need to make important decisions, do they have the data and insights to guide them to the best choices? The data and insights are the product of advanced user research. It’s the superpower that UX leaders, just like you, can bring to the table.

Spend five 90-minute sessions discovering what your UX research efforts genuinely need. Put together a plan that makes your UX team strategic, influential, and innovative.

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  T.H., Design Consultant:

Attending the five-day intensive only makes me wish I signed up for the VIP sessions too!

Each day’s takeaways are built upon the next to thread the story and explain a mature way of looking at human-centric design and user experience to the product team. I connected with some new friends and members, which was an unexpected bonus!

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  N.K., Lead Product Designer:

After the first session, I was incredibly inspired by topics like “How to translate research findings into executive’s language”, “Strategic research that goes along the lines of where the business is heading,” and “change focus from output to outcome”.

I would definitely recommend this for any UX leader or any UXer looking to make a change.

Make your UX Research more strategic, more influential, and more innovative.

Imagine five 90-minute sessions where you will:

  • Inspire your organization to build a deep understanding of the needs of your users and customers.
    • You’ll make strategic decisions from learned knowledge, not from the highest-paid stakeholder’s opinions.
  • Influence strategic business decisions with your comprehensive UX research results.
    • You’ll make solid contributions to your organization’s product roadmap based on what users genuinely need and want.
  • Create a continuous UX research process, strengthening everyone’s prowess of what great design looks like.
    • You’ll stop squeezing research into tight deadlines because you will have already done the hard work.
  • Grow your organization’s UX research capabilities to meet the demands of fast-moving teams.
    • You’ll increase everyone’s understanding of what quality research looks like, which will create the desire to conduct more of it.
  • Stop your UX research efforts from being undervalued and the first to be cut.
    • Your senior executives will champion even more research because they now see how the entire organization treasures it.

Advanced UX research increases your team’s confidence. It increases your confidence that you’re building a product that everyone sees as the right solution. The research uncovers the right problem to solve, which will make considerable improvements in the lives of your users and customers.

Customers value organizations that provide positive improvements in their lives. You’ve seen example after example of organizations that have gotten to the top of their industry by delivering products and services that solve important challenges their customers face.

Spend time exploring new advanced UX research approaches. You’ll see how you can transform your organization into an industry leader who delivers, hands down, the most innovative experiences.

Be more strategic. Be more influential. Be more innovative.

June 5 – 9, 2023:
The Fundamentals of Advanced UX Research

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This online workshop will be unlike any other workshop you’ve experienced. We call it an intensive because, well, it’s intense.

In five 90-minute sessions, you’ll join Jared Spool on a thorough exploration of how to shape the way your organization makes critical decisions. You’ll complete your journey with a comprehensive UX research strategy that will change your organization forever.

Your research practice will build expertise around users and customers across the organization. You’ll no longer underinvest in research. Stakeholders and executives will use your UX research findings for essential decision-making instead of just guessing.

Each day, from Monday, June 5 through Friday, June 9, you’ll attend a 90-minute session containing a new aspect of Advanced Approaches to UX Research.

You can choose between the 12pm ET (16.00 GMT) or 7pm ET (23.00 GMT) sessions. Jared will be at both to guide you through the fundamentals and answer your questions.

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Monday, June 5:
Win Influence with an Advanced User Research Strategy

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90 minutes at either 12pm or 7pm ET (16.00 or 23.00 GMT)

Earn your “seat at the table” by providing top-grade user and customer insights.

It’s frustrating to know that your organization could deliver better user experiences. Everything you’ve tried has failed to make the executive stakeholders understand how UX benefits your organization’s success.

We start the week on the most important: Expanding your UX research strategy to win critical influence with your executives and your organization. They’ll now see you as a true UX leader.

  • Turn your user research into an essential function that stakeholders won’t arbitrarily cut out of every project.
  • Drive organizational success by establishing outcome-driven objectives.
  • Stop reacting to what customers say they want or mimicking what competitors build into their products.
  • Identify your users’ latent needs and deliver designs that radically improve their lives.

Tuesday, June 6:
Deliver Better-Designed Products with a Research-Driven Roadmap

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90 minutes at either 12pm or 7pm ET (16.00 or 23.00 GMT)

The roadmap is the pivotal point where you show UX research’s value.

All significant strategic decisions originate in your organization’s product roadmap. The roadmap determines the direction of your products and services. As a UX leader, the roadmap is your opportunity to get the most influence over the users’ experiences.

Your user research will shape significant product decisions when you anticipate what those decisions will be. The roadmap is an essential fortune-telling device, predicting the future of every team’s work. As a result, your entire organization becomes more knowledgeable about what your users need when you read the roadmap and discern what it subtly is telling you.

  • Move beyond starting each project from ground zero. Start every project on day one with in-depth knowledge of what your users and customers need.
  • Guide your teams to deliver better user outcomes faster.
  • Bring what you’ve learned about your customers to every new project.
  • Accumulate user knowledge and become your organization's leading expert on what customers truly value and need.
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Wednesday, June 7:
Increase Innovation with Continuous Research

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90 minutes at either 12pm or 7pm ET (16.00 or 23.00 GMT)

Spark a holistic shared understanding of your users' experiences.

So much of today’s user research efforts are about squeezing what you learn into refining a close-to-done feature or capability. That’s not the point of research. To get the most out of your efforts, you need to uncover the holistic experiences of your users and customers.

Continuous research shifts everyone away from the project-by-project piecemeal nature of conventional approaches. Your new strategy will drive continuous learning, making everyone more knowledgeable as your team grows its comprehension of the problems and challenges your users and customers regularly face.

  • Turn every decision-maker into the world’s most knowledgeable expert on your users and their challenges.
  • Identify the inventive solutions customers will love you for.
  • Be brought into the project much earlier when your stakeholders will consider the most significant and critical decisions.
  • Become a trusted senior advisor that tackles the organization’s top priorities.

Thursday, June 8:
Dramatically Scale Your Organization’s Research Capabilities

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90 minutes at either 12pm or 7pm ET (16.00 or 23.00 GMT)

You can’t do this alone. You’ll need more capability across your organization.

User research is more than just a skillset or a toolset to master. It’s a mindset that drives curiosity and shared understanding about your users, customers, and their needs.

You’ll infuse your organization with that mindset (and the skills and tools to make it work) and drive dramatic change. That change will speed the delivery of better-designed products and services to your customers.

  • Prioritize increasing your organization's exposure to customers and users.
  • Eliminate the lack of confidence caused by stakeholders not truly understanding your users.
  • Speed up critical business decisions by having solid user research at every decision-maker’s fingertips.
  • Empower those in the organization who interact with users and customers to become better researchers.
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Friday, June 9:
Convince Stakeholders of the Full Value of UX

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90 minutes at either 12pm or 7pm ET (16.00 or 23.00 GMT)

Connect your research directly to the organization’s highest priorities.

You shouldn’t spend any more time explaining why research is essential. It’s time for action. Produce insightful results that demonstrate the rich value that user research brings.

You need a direct mapping between your excellent research and your executives’ critical priorities. Get the attention of key stakeholders and executives. Supply them with irrefutable, compelling reasons to sponsor your work and champion your outcomes.

  • Move beyond the frustration of “nobody gets UX” when everyone sees its great value.
  • Match UX outcomes directly to the language executives use, making their achievement an organizational top priority.
  • Translate the key frustrations of users and customers into something executives understand: money.
  • Uncover the (often massive) financial implications of delivering poor UX design.

An online workshop unlike any other.

Roll up your sleeves and plan to get to work.

There won’t be fake companies to create an over-simplified research strategy for. Nothing here will be “practice.”

Instead, you’ll be doing the actual work of crafting your team’s UX research strategy. You’ll start drafting the blueprints for what change will look like across your organization.

You’ll use your Advanced UX Research Transformation Plan to guide your efforts. Then, you’ll start applying everything you learn right away.

You’ll come away from the intensive with your own custom approach to UX research. Bring your team in on the process, and you’ll have even better results.

Might miss a session? No worries. We’ll record everything, so you can catch up on anything you miss.

You’ll have questions. We’re ready for that. Each session is 90 minutes, so we should have plenty of time.

And we’ll ensure you have the confidence you need to do this right. We have created a dedicated private area in our Leaders of Awesomeness community. Put your questions there for Jared and the community to share their thoughts.

Discuss the gnarliest of challenges, and you’ll come away with all the assurance you need that you’ve got this.

High-quality UX research builds confidence and gives you answers before you even ask questions.

Can’t join the intensive? Get the lecture recordings.

We know that not everyone has the resources to join us live. That’s ok.

You can get access to the video recordings of each day’s lectures.

(You won’t have the Q&As or the community access, though. That’s reserved for the folks who sign up for the Fundamentals package.)

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Ready to make your UX research strategy happen?
Join our Organization Accelerator VIP Package.

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Are you ready to implement your Advanced UX Research Strategy right away? Then sign up for our limited-enrollment Organization Accelerator VIP Package.

Accelerate the transformation in your organization to be research forward with more hands-on guidance from Jared. This package gives you exclusive priority time with Jared in extra sessions that dive into the nuances and subtleties you’ll need. You’ll get the implementation tips, techniques, and tricks to ensure your success. Special Train-the-Trainer sessions will equip you with the skills to facilitate organizational change.

This package is only available to the first 60 people who sign up, so you don’t want to delay.

The Organization Accelerator VIP Package includes everything in the Fundamentals Package (described above), plus:

VIP-Only Coaching: Preparation for the Intensive

Pick one 1-hour session:
Tuesday, May 23, 12pm or 7pm ET (16.00 or 23.00 GMT)
or Tuesday, May 30, 12pm or 7pm ET (16.00 or 23.00 GMT)

Your VIP-Only access to the Advanced Approaches to UX Research intensive will change how your organization values, conducts, and benefits from excellent UX research.

This preparation session gets you ready for the Intensive.

As a VIP, we tailor the content to your needs. We’ll use this preparation time to learn more about your organization's specific challenges and dreams for UX research.

We’ll also get you started early. We’ll point you to resources and advanced materials that will accelerate your adoption of the advanced approaches we’ll cover in the Intensive.

Get a head start. Pick your session and work directly with Jared to make this Intensive precisely what you need.

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Monday, June 12:
Train-the-Trainer: Advancing Your UX Research Strategy

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90 minutes at either 12pm or 7pm ET (16.00 or 23.00 GMT))

Become outcome-focused.
Increase exposure and research capabilities.
Move from active to latent needs.

You’ll need your team to make these mindset shifts to win influence with your advanced user research strategy.

In this train-the-trainer session, we’ll walk you through the steps to start these shifts that have worked for UX leaders all across the globe. You’ll learn the traps to avoid and the techniques which will work the best.

  • Refocus your team on outcomes that improve people’s lives instead of outputs that only look at delivering a thing.
  • Identify the problems preventing users from getting their improvements right now so you can direct development efforts to the right solution.
  • Increase exposure to users for every key decision-maker so that every decision they make is informed by what users need.
  • Shift the conversation to latent needs, where you’ll find innovative, high-value solutions that make customers want to pay more.

Tuesday, June 13:
Train-the-Trainer: Creating Your Research-Driven Product Roadmap

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90 minutes at either 12pm or 7pm ET (16.00 or 23.00 GMT)

Shift the roadmap from Solutions to Build to Problems to Solve.
Build a long-term research agenda.
Provide research insights for roadmap consideration.

The roadmap is a pivotal point where you show UX research’s actual value. Learn how to lead your team to improve your products' delivery dramatically.

This train-the-trainer session will walk you through proven steps to begin the transformation to a research-driven product roadmap. You’ll learn the best practices for infusing powerful, innovative insights into your product teams’ roadmap processes.

  • Restate the solutions on the roadmap as problems to be solved so that you give teams the most flexibility to find the best solutions for your customers.
  • Look beyond the current research-in-progress to integrate future work into the current research agenda, giving you a dramatic head start on future research.
  • Prioritize the most essential roadmap items by focusing on value and effort and increasing the organization’s confidence in making more informed decisions.
  • Provide a human-centered "definition of done" that ensures what’s shipped improves people’s lives.
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Thursday, June 15:
Train-the-Trainer: Scaling Up To Continuous UX Research

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90 minutes at either 12pm or 7pm ET (16.00 or 23.00 GMT)

Expand your research project windows.
Make your team experts on your users and their experiences.
Separate the development of our expertise from sharing insights.

You will spark a holistic understanding of your users’ experiences. Learn how to lead your team to increase innovation with advanced approaches to continuous research.

We’ll start your path to continuous UX research in this train-the-trainer session. Your team will uncover new insights leading to holistic user and customer experiences.

  • Shift your team to proactive research. Reactive research reduces work quality and team morale.
  • Move away from discrete discovery phases and sprints so new insights arrive weekly to inform current and future development work.
  • Turn your team into the world’s foremost experts on your users and their experiences, becoming the resource your organization needs to innovate.
  • Create a decision schedule to plan when teams need specific information about your users and customers, preventing the constant rework when people don’t have the necessary information.

VIP-Only Get UnStuck Sessions with Jared Spool

Predicting future challenges can be tricky when expanding your UX research capability. Maybe you’ve encountered obstacles that have you flummoxed. Or have you encountered resistance and objections that have you stopped?

Come and discuss what’s got you stuck at this Unstuck Session. Share what’s happening (or not happening) with Jared Spool. He’s worked with so many organizations that he knows all the tricks to overcome obstacles. He’ll give you fresh ideas and insights that will get you moving forward.

Get Your Advanced UX Research Strategy Started Immediately

You’ll have the access you need to our expertise and knowledge. In addition, we’ll give you special access to a VIP-only limited community space, where your questions will get priority answers.

We’ll put together resources tailored to your challenges and needs. And you’ll have a way to reach out to get the mentorship and coaching you need to ensure success.

The Organization Accelerator VIP Package is only available to a small group, so we can give everyone the top-priority service they need. Don’t delay in signing up because this package will sell out quickly.

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Deliver better-designed products faster.

Led by Jared Spool, Maker of Awesomeness

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Everything you learn in this 5-day Intensive comes directly from Jared’s years of working across industries, discovering the best practices for organizations to deliver well-designed products and services.

His work with design leaders at organizations like IBM, NASA, GE, Fidelity Investments, SAP, GM, Exxon Mobil, and the Obama White House has taught him exactly what teams need to mount strategic, influential UX research initiatives.

You’ll love his stories, his ability to demonstrate every point with a simple, concrete example, and his comically adorable attempts to draw out his ideas. (You can’t fault him for trying, though.)

Most importantly, you’ll love how much smarter you’ll feel after spending a few minutes absorbing his experience-informed wisdom. So don’t pass up this opportunity to glean everything you can from Jared.

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Describe a picture

  M.C., UX, Front-End Dev:

This was an enriching course. The biggest challenge I face is exactly the topic of the course: How to get stakeholders on board with UX research. Throughout the week, you shared important mindset shifts, and the info on the last day was just gold.

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  C.B., Manager, UX Researcher:

This session came at a perfect time.

My team and I looked at the course through the lens of our org’s current state and will leverage the framework to leapfrog ahead together (on behalf of our customers of course).

Spark exceptional outcomes with Advanced UX Research?

Ready to dive in deep and absorb everything there is to know about Advanced Approaches to UX Research? We have three packages for you to choose from.

Advanced Approaches to UX Research Fundamentals Package

June 5-9, 2023

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Individual: $497 per person

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Team (2 or more): $397 per person

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Spaces are limited. They'll go fast.

What's Included:

  • Five 90-minute live sessions with Jared Spool.
  • Ground-breaking concepts behind:
    • Influential Research Strategies
    • Research-Driven Roadmaps
    • Innovation with Continuous Research
    • Scaling Research Capabilities
    • Connecting Research to the Full Value of UX
  • An Advanced UX Research Transformation Plan workbook.
  • Access to extended resources for developing your UX research strategy.
  • A private community to get your questions answered by Jared and other members.
  • 9 months of access to all session recordings, Q&As, and notes (through March 5, 2024).

Organization Accelerator VIP Package

June 5-15, 2023

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Individual: $697 per person

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Team (2 or more): $597 per person

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Only 60 spaces. They'll go even faster!

What's Included:

  • Five 90-minute live sessions with Jared Spool.
  • Ground-breaking concepts behind:
    • Influential Research Strategies
    • Research-Driven Roadmaps
    • Innovation with Continuous Research
    • Scaling Research Capabilities
    • Connecting Research to the Full Value of UX
  • Three 90-minute live Train-theTrainer sessions. Only for VIP members.
  • Gain confidence with tailored coaching to:
    • Advance Your UX Research Strategy
    • Create Your Research-Driven Product Roadmap
    • Scale Up To Continuous UX Research
  • A 60-minute VIP-only Intensive Prep Coaching session with Jared.
  • A 60-minute VIP-only Get Unstuck sessions with Jared.
  • An Advanced UX Research Transformation Plan workbook.
  • Access to extended resources for developing your UX research strategy.
  • An intimate, private community of only VIP members with Jared to get the mentoring you need to be successful.
  • 9 months of access to all VIP session recordings, Q&As, and notes (through March 5, 2024).

Recordings-Only Package

Available June 20, 2023

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$97 per person

What’s included:

  • 9 months of access to the five intensive session recordings and notes (through March 5, 2024).
  • Recordings will be available on June 20, 2023.

    Note: The Recordings-Only package does not include any of the Q&A or attendance to the live sessions. It’s only the recordings of the lectures.
  • Catch the lectures on your own schedule.